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Have you met the CLASS of 2015 Golden Mouse Award Honorees? Here they are:  #2015GMA

Meet  Peggy Nordeen, Founder of @StarmarkIntl 2015 Golden Mouse Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Meet Rixys Alfonso, CauseMo Marketing 2015 Golden Mouse Cause-related Marketing Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Ellen Bristol, Bristol Strategy Group 2015 Golden Mouse Award Nonprofit Marketing Honoree #2015GMA

Meet The Buyer Group 2015 Golden Mouse Award Social Public Relations Honoree

Meet Rita Barreto Craig, Top Tier Leadership 2015 Golden Mouse Award Social Leadership Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Nancy Whalen Eichler, Brownie Brittle, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Social Media Honoree

Meet Terri L. Hall, Doubletake Studios, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Web Design Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Evie Hernandez, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Email Marketing Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Dawn Maslar, Author 2015 Golden Mouse Award Relationship Marketing Honoree#2015GMA

Meet Cristina Monge, Marketing Manager CruiseOne & Cruises, Inc., this year’s Golden Mouse Award Honoree for Internet Marketing #2015GMA

Meet Laura Parke, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Video Marketing Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Marina Pavlov, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Association Management Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Martha Sanchez, MAS Universal, LLC, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Internet Radio Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Laurie Woodward Garcia, Kaylin Printing & Promotions, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Branding & Promotions Honoree #2015GMA

Meet Carolyn Zaumeyer, 2015 Golden Mouse Award Merchant Services Honoree #2015GMA

Interested in attending this years#2015GMA event? Visit for more info. Register here:

Check out the Video from the 2014 Golden Mouse Awards #2015GMA

Meet the TEAM that helped make the ##2015GMA Golden Mouse Awards possible:

Special thanks to CeCe Espuit, Perfect Pictures by CeCe for being our official photographer for the#2015GMA awards!

Excited for the honorees of the @WECAI Class of 2015 Golden Mouse Award Recipients.  Come celebrate #2015GMA with me!

15 South Florida Women are being Honored by @WECAI with the 2015 Golden Mouse Awards! Learn more at #2015GMA

Please join me for the#2015GMA Golden Mouse Awards October 29 @ Tower Club,  Ft Lauderdale. RSVP here:

Did you get your ticket yet to the#2015GMA Golden Mouse Awards October 29@ Tower Club,  Ft Lauderdale? RSVP here:

Women in Ecommerce is excited to announce the @WECAI Class of 2015 Golden Mouse Awards Honorees#2015GMA

GREAT BIG Thanks to CeCe Espeut Perfect Pictures by CeCe for being the official#2015GMA  Photographer. Your work is superb.

Delighted to announce Ed Horowitz is our official Musician for the 2015 Golden Mouse Award#2015GMA

Special Thanks to Frank George, Frank George TV – this year’s 2015 Golden Mouse Award #2015GMA

Meet the 2015 Golden Mouse Award Supporters#2015GMA

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Are you attending the Golden Mouse Awards taking place at the Tower Club onOctober 29?  Walk the Red Carpet, Get your picture taken,  and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun and celebration! Tickets can be purchased at #2015GMA

Whoohoo!  We are delighted that CeCe Espeut Perfect Pictures by CeCe is the 2015 Golden Mouse Awards official photographer. If you ever need a photographer for your events, I highly recommend giving CeCe a call. Her work is superb! Here’s his website: #2015GMA

Frank George TV is the official Videographer for the G2015 olden Mouse Awards #2015GMA Become a Sponsor here:

On October 29, 2015, 15 South Florida Women are being Honored by Women in Ecommerce™ with the Golden Mouse Awards and (insert name) is one of them! Walk the Red Carpet, Get your picture taken, enjoy an afternoon of food, fun and celebration! For more information visit  or call Heidi Richards Mooney at 954.625.6606.  Tickets can be purchased at .   I would be honored if you would join me that evening.#2015GMA

Did you know that on October 29, 2015, 15 South Florida Women are being Honored by Women in Ecommerce™ with the Golden Mouse Awards and I am one of them! I am humbled and honored to be part of the class of 2015 and would love for you to be part of the celebration.Tickets can be purchased at

Live in South Florida? Enjoy connecting with amazing women? If so, join Women in Ecommerce (and me) for the Fourth Annual Golden Mouse Awards Luncheon. For more information visit or call Heidi Richards Mooney at 954.625.6606 #2015GMA

It’s official! Ed Horowitz will entertain us during the Golden Mouse Awards this year! Ed Horowitz is an exceptional musician who knows how to entertain the audience and has an instinctive understanding about the needs of our organization and its members. We are deeply grateful for support and look forward to another fun and successful event.  #2015GMA