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CHERI MARTIN the So Social Visionary of WCN Interactive, Inc.

"CHERI MARTIN the So Social Visionary of WCN Interactive, Inc."Cheri Martin, the So Social Visionary, is a Social Media Specialist with 18 years of online marketing experience and co-host of the ‘So Social’ Radio Show. Cheri delights in Internet research; her skill in mastering the different Social Media sites, her passion for networking, plus her joy of teaching, led her to begin helping small business owners develop their email and social media marketing strategy for greater results. She is co-founder of WCN Interactive, a web consulting network, and founder of, an online social media learning center. Cheri is always eager to share her expertise through training, coaching, and speaking, so others can have a better understanding of how to maximize the various social networking sites to expand their visibility, generate leads and increase their revenue.

As a graduate of Social Media Trainer Mari Smith’s ‘Social Media Mastery Immersion’ and a student in Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare’s social media management & consulting school, Cheri understands the importance of offering continuing education for those seeking knowledge of the ever-evolving social platforms. Cheri is a certified Speaker with The Women’s Prosperity Network; certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Founding Partner with Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell’s Team, a certified and expert Solution Provider with Constant Contact, Business Mentor and Subject Matter Expert with the Florida Institute of Technology weVenture Ignite 360 Program and Ambassador for the Melbourne Regional Chamber. Her desire for each person to have ‘action steps’ they can easily implement on their own, dramatically increases the value of her training, workshops, and presentations.

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