Mira Halpert

MEET Mira Halpert, Educator, Author, Entrepreneur

MiraHalpertMira Halpert M.Ed. is the mother of four children, two of who learn differently. Mira is the founder of 3D Learner – a Boca Raton based learning organization dedicated to helping students who learn differently to be Outrageously Successful.

Mira wrote, “Life is a Ball – Don’t Put Me In a Box”, and with her husband, Mark “Success by 3 rd Grade” and the recently published “The 3D Learner – Transform Stress to Outrageous Success for your Child” to help parents and teachers to be informed, empowered and proactive, and understand that one or more of their children might learn DIFFERENTLY.

As a student, she learned differently and had vision-related challenges – two of her children also have attention and frustration issues. Mira has integrated the best multisensory tools she could find to address the learning differences, the attention, vision, and anxiety challenges – with as little medication as possible.

Mira also works closely with parents and professionals to help them be the coach and advocate these children need.

Many times when a student is not reaching his/her potential in school, it signals that there may be other issues that have not been identified that are holding him/her back Mira also wants to directly empower 3D Learners to embrace their abilities, overcome adversities and be Outrageously Successful in school.

Mira’s dream is to see thousands of 3D Learners changing the world – because they have learned to master the basics; to believe in themselves and to harness their ability to innovate with their ability to think in 3 Dimensions; and to creatively solve problems.

You can learn more about Mira and her work at www.3dLearner.com. Like her page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/3dlearner

Her new book “The 3D Learner: Transform Stress to Outrageous Success for Your Child” was released in June on Kindle.

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