Meet Dr. Marthenia ‘TINA’ Dupree – The Chicken Lady

Meet Dr. Marthenia ‘TINA’ Dupree – The Chicken Lady – Internationally Renowned Speaker, Author, Trainer, Speaker Coach, & Consultant & the 2016 Lifetime Legacy Golden Mouse Honoree

 One of America’s experts in motivational programs especially designed to inform, inspire, and leave a positive lasting impression.

"Meet Dr. Marthenia 'TINA' Dupree - The Chicken Lady"Dr. M. Tina Dupree’s personal motto: “You’ve invested countless dollars and time in other things. Now it’s time to Invest in Yourself.” Invest in yourself is the model she uses as the owner of Motivational Training Center LLC, to present interactive keynote speeches, one-on- one coaching, workshops, and seminar training programs. It includes nine powerful, proven, and practical strategies for a more successful, healthier, and happier life.  Her easy-to-use steps can be implemented immediately.  She also presents personal and professional development training programs, interactive keynote speeches, corporate training programs, and monthly seminars on Public Speaking, Professional Speaking, Customer Service, Leadership, and other training programs for progressive professionals and both small and large businesses.

Tina is lovingly known internationally as ‘The Chicken Lady’’ because of 12 years of experience as a spokesperson for a major fast-food chicken restaurant chain.  When she resigned from her corporate level position to start Motivational Training Center LLC, the corporation contracted her as their spokesperson.

Dr. Dupree has authored five books and she is currently working on two books, “Room to Grow: The Doorway to achieving your True POTENTIAL,” and a devotional based on the Underground Railroad and African American. She was a 10-year Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and also served as NSA’s Liaison for Chapters in the State of Florida.  Dr. Dupree served as 1999-2000 President of the Florida Speakers Association.  She was the first African American to hold this position. For 12 years, Dr. Tina was the radio talk show host for Building Bridges aired on WMCU 89.7 FM in Miami and 101.9 in Palm Beach. She was a co-host for Truth of the Matter, broadcasted in South Florida on radio WTPS a.m. Dr. Dupree was the co-host of, What Motivates You? a motivational radio program on 1080a.m. the Answer radio station in Miami. She has appeared on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) six times and was the featured speaker as the guest of Dr. Clifton Davis. Ten million people worldwide watched, and for two years she was the host of the television program, Speak For Success.

In 2001, she received a special invitation by President George W. Bush to the Oval Office at the White House for a special discussion on reforming education. Dr. Dupree was an Adjunct Professor at Florida Memorial University where she taught Public Speaking and Professional Business Speaking. She also teaches Public Speaking and other business courses at Miami Dade College. She is recognized in Chases Calendar of Events with her own national holiday, November 4th is National Chicken Lady Day. She was featured in the AT&T African American History Calendar in 2011-12 on the September page. In 2014 Dr. Dupree was selected as one of the Most Influential and Prominent African American Women in Leadership and Business in South Florida by Legacy Magazine and featured in a special section of the Sun Sentinel Newspaper.

As Founder of a non-profit organization, Professional Speakers Network, Inc., she has personally trained and certified hundreds of professional speakers.  More than 200 of the members as a result of her training have written and published their own books, several have started their own businesses, and all have improved their public speaking skills.

Trivia: Dr. Dupree was one of the first in America to be on email in 1984 when Prodigy was started, In order to send an email, she had to LEARN MSDOS coding. Dr. Dupree has a Bachelor of Science degree from Trinity International University, a Master of Science degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and a Doctorate degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Dr. Tina is the mother of two and the grandmother of eight and the great-grandmother of two beautiful girls & one handsome boy.

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