Martha Sanchez, MAS Universal, LLC


Meet Martha Sanchez, MAS Universal, LLC, this year’s Golden Mouse Award Honoree for Internet RadioMeet Martha Sanchez, MAS Universal, LLC, this year’s Golden Mouse Award Honoree for Internet Radio

Martha A. Sanchez is a Business Consultant and Coach, Speaker, Radio Personality, Best Selling Author and CEO of a business consulting firm, MAS Universal, LLC, which was formed to help entrepreneurs grow and nurture their business skills. She has more than 30 years of operational leadership experience and is a certified sales trainer. Martha brings a range of skills that take businesses to the next level. Her diverse work experience results in the creation of workshops that provide participants with practical techniques they can use to improve their sales, marketing, management, and communication skills to produce their desired results. She has been featured on NBC, Univision, Amazing Women of Power Radio Station and numerous radio shows.

Martha’s mission is to provide business leaders and entrepreneurs with the resources so they can continue to THRIVE in today’s business environment. Martha is also the executive producer, creator and host of the Mommy to Mogul Radio ShowTM that reaches over 200,000 international listeners and airs every Tuesday at 7pm EST on .

The show covers such topics as: sales strategies, management, social media, business planning, website development, marketing and more! Martha will cover these topics by discussing it in an easily understood and step-by-step manner. Put the focus back on your needs so you can take your passion from your heart and use it to help build your successful business!

You can learn more about Martha and the services she offers by visiting today. Follow Martha on Twitter @MommytoMogul and always look for show highlights using the hashtag #MTMogulShow.