Meet Cassi Eubank

MEET Cassi Eubank, Entrepreneur, Author, Computer Programmer, Training Consultant

CassiEubankCassi Eubank is a pioneer in the world of computers, starting with the Commodore 64 she owned at the young age of twenty. By her 23 rd birthday, she became one of three partners in a highly successful point-of- sale company that is still thriving in south Florida. Before she began traveling for business, she had a rock band, Blonde Enuff that used to play at many of the night clubs they installed computers in. Every so often, the band would need to take an unscheduled break so she could fix a kitchen printer before returning to the stage.

Building computers and programming the databases came naturally to Cassi and she quickly branched out to offer consulting to other point-of- sale companies, becoming one of the top contractors for Micros and Oracle. This alliance allowed her to travel the world to implement new systems in various multi-million dollar, international corporations.

Seeing her people skills, and keen ability to make using these systems seem easy, Cassi was quickly assigned to becoming a lead trainer for such accounts as Burger King, Hard Rock Café, IHOP restaurants, the Wynn Casino Las Vegas, HMS Host, Aramark, Friendly’s, Four Seasons hotels, Ritz Carlton hotels, and many more, including U. S. military bases all over the world. Cassi loved the combination of analytical skills and creativity needed to design custom programs for the hospitality industry and train top management. Teaching and training became one of her greatest passions.

Wanting to give back personally as well as in business, Ms. Eubank decided to take classes in NLP and coaching others so she could effectively help nurture others to a more fulfilled and happy life. She has also created a community called the Transcended Souls, a spiritually based networking group design to connect create and prosper by working together to raise each other up.

Cassi is an author and a speaker with her most recent book, Diary of an Ugly Sweater, currently being placed in bookstores in Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. This book focuses on developing self-esteem and confidence in a fun and easy way.

While Cassi loves her community and sharing messages of inspiration, she still owns her own computer company, Computer Visions Unlimited Inc. that services the local hospitality industry and continues as a consultant for Oracle, servicing their most important accounts.

In her off time, Cassi enjoys traveling, gardening, meditation, writing, and spending time with her loving husband John, her son Leif and his family, and of course, her beloved German Shepard Rocky.

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