2016 Golden Mouse Award Honorees Named by Women in Ecommerce

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Contact:Heidi Richards Mooney

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2016 Golden Mouse Awards Honorees Named by Women in Ecommerce™

Fort Lauderdale, FL (October 19, 2016) -The Florida Chapter of Women in Ecommerce™ is pleased to announce the honorees for our Fourth-Annual Golden Mouse Awards Ceremony taking place on October 28, 2016 at the Lauderdale Yacht Club, 1725 SE 12 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. This year’s 16 women represent a variety of industries, profession and organizations in South Florida who are actively involved in their industries, the community and have either implemented or taught some form of technology as part of their professional responsibilities and/or run a profitable business/organization using the web as primary means of promotion for at least two years.

This year’s honorees are:

  • Dr. Marthenia ‘Tina’ Dupree, Internationally Renowned Speaker, Author, Trainer, Speaker Coach, & Consultant & The Golden Mouse 2016 Lifetime Legacy Honoree

  • Rose Lee Archer, M.S., TV Producer, Talk Show Host, Journalist – Internet TV Leader of the Year

  • Deborah Davis, Speaker, Disability Inclusion Consultant, Entrepreneur, Writer and Business Owner – Disability Marketing Leader of the Year

  • Dawn DeMarco Book, Jewelry Designer and Philanthropist – Cause Related Marketing Leader of the Year

  • Cassi Eubank, Entrepreneur, Author, Computer Programmer, Training Consultant – Computer Programming and Consulting 

    Leader of the Year

  • Mira Halpert, M.Ed. Author, Educator, Entrepreneur – Educator of the Year

  • Karrie Klimas, Professional Networker, Business Connector – Relationship Marketing  Leader of the Year

  • Judith Kolva, Ph.D., Personal Historian, Founder/CEO Legacies In Ink, LLC, Speaker – Legacy Marketing 

    Leader of the Year

  • Ginger Marks, Author, Publisher, Internet Marketer – Publishing Leader of the Year

  • Cheri Martin, the So Social Visionary of WCN Interactive, Inc. – Social Media Leader of the Year

  • Christine Madsen, President and CEO Mad 4 Marketing, Inc. – Interactive Marketing Leader of the Year

  • Shelley Mitchell, Certified Business and ADHD Coach – Business & Lifestyle Coach of the Year

  • Bernadette A. Morris – President/CEO Sonshine Communications – Public Relations and Communications 

    Leader of the Year

  • Debbie Silverman, Author, Speaker, Human Behavior Specialist, Entrepreneur – Brand Engagement 

    Leader of the Year

  • Racheli Rafael Smilovits, Mortgage Broker, Founder The Real Estate Agent Toolbox – Video Marketing Leader of the Year

  • Suzannah Richards, CLU, ChCF, Financial Advisor – Richards Wealth Group – President’s Award for Leadership

Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce™ and Event Chair says, “Each year the Florida Chapter honors outstanding women in our Community. These 16 women represent several industries and communities from Palm Beach to Miami-Dade. Each woman has a giving spirit and a depth of knowledge that makes them role models women can look up to and learn from. Each of them are well-known and highly regarded in their companies and industries in which they work and will soon be even more celebrated in South Florida! Because of their contributions to their professions and their communities, we are excited to recognize each of them during our signature event, The Golden Mouse Awards.“

In addition to the awards ceremony, honorees will walk the red carpet and professional photos taken by CeCe Espeut –Perfect Pictures by CeCe with our Hollywood-style backdrop and luncheon keynote speaker. We will have entertainment, a video presentation and a silent auction geared toward women to add to the celebration. For more information and to register for the #GMAwards2016 event visit: http://goldenmouseaward.com.

About Women in Ecommerce: For more than 15 years, Women in Ecommerce™ has been helping women do business on the web by providing educational events, seminars, webinars, conferences and teleclasses via our website and social media platforms. We have a diverse membership of women from all walks of life representing 54 countries worldwide. Our members are professionals, educators, etailers, retail businesses, work at home moms, direct sales representatives, affiliate marketers, online sales professionals, auction site sellers and resellers, web designers, and other technology experts.

For more information about Women in Ecommerce™ visit www.WECAI.org today! To participate in or learn more about the event, contact Heidi Richards Mooney, Event Chair at 954-625-6606 or email her at heidi@wecai.org.

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